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Private Label Program

Premium Guard Inc offers private label programs, as well as white label programs, for our automotive filters. Twenty years of development and innovation experience ensures our process offers top quality, high performance products at reasonable prices. Working with a private label manufacturer offers many beneficial factors and increased profit margins for newly established or pre-existing businesses in the car filter market. It is a strategic commitment in terms of branding, inventory, and customer relations.

After signing up for our program, we will implement an initial evaluation, and then review product specifications, pricing, and gross margins. Through the process, we will determine the industry requirements, branding and application coverage, package design and specification, quality control, logistics, and distribution service. Our business portfolio comprises of many well-known national private label programs. Currently, we provide the following services to all of our private label customers.

Product Specification

Choose from various levels of quality and performance or create a customized solution to meet specific requirements.

Quality Control

Production and quality of our automotive filters are held within strict industry standards.


We provide ongoing status updates to establish and execute optimal marketing strategies.


Determine product categories and application coverage to ensure a proper management system.

Added Value To Private Label Product


Our process uses a direct distributing system and a domestic backup inventory to ensure product is aligned with demand. PGI works with you for a custom distribution solution.


The PGI Private Label Program comes with optional in-house and remote training sessions for various applications and departments to assist in transitioning product resell.


PGI products are in compliance with automotive industry standards with ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard) and PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) to manage and exchange data.

Package Design

Increase your market appeal as part of your custom content strategy with PGI’s production of branded, unique and cutting-edge package designs.

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