Our in-house brand, Premium Guard, features a full line of automotive, light duty, and small engine filters for the oil, air, cabin, fuel, and transmission categories. Focused on first to market coverage, Premium Guard continues to add premium products to their line with new HighFlow air filters and Anti-Bacterial PureFlow cabin air filters.

PUREFLOW, offers a full line of breathable-air filtration products including cabin air filters, furnace pleated air filter, air purifiers filters, facemasks and many others. PUREFLOW offers advanced air filtration technology to ensure we breathe better air indoor, in vehicle and outdoor.

PGI’s newest brand, PWR STEER, is the first to offer exclusively all new power steering parts in the automotive aftermarket. With three product categories including pumps, rack & pinions, and gear boxes, PWR STEER ensures the highest quality standards are met by utilizing the Advance Product Quality Planning process (APQP) during product development.

Formula 9 offers a patented product line of windshield washer fluid for the environmentally conscious consumer. Packaged in an eco-friendly pouch to reduce plastic waste, Formula 9 fluid is highly concentrated allowing consumers to dilute the formula to the needs of their local weather zone.

ELEMENT features a full line of beam wiper blades ranging from 13 to 28 inches. Each blade comes equipped with a high-quality rubber wiping edge and preinstalled universal adaptor that will fit a variety of wiper arms with close to 90% coverage.

Premium Vision offers a full line of economy wiper blades for the budget friendly consumer. Featuring a classic steel frame design, these wipers include a 6-8 pressure point to ensure firm windshield contact.

5Micron offers a highly engineered lube filter line with up to 99% efficiency at 5 microns to deliver superior performance. Utilizing full synthetic filtration media made in the USA, 5Micron’s aftermarket oil filter was the first build to meet and exceed the OE specifications required for Harley’s Superpremium5.

Acquired by PGI in 2010, SilBlade offers the “BEST” silicone wiper blade on the market. With a patented silicone formula, SilBlade wipers feature a unique blend of silicone rubber and graphite for superior durability and surface wipe.

Acquired by PGI in 2018, Auto7 is a line of original equipment automotive parts for Hyundai, Kia, and GM-Daewoo vehicles. With 14 product categories and over 130,000 applications, Auto7’s product offerings include parts not typically available through the tradition aftermarket supply chain.

FLX offers a full line of beam wiper blades ranging from 13 to 28 inches. Equipped with a patented preinstalled adapter and high-quality rubber wiping edge, FLX blades ensure easy installation and superior wiping power.