Since 1996, Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) has been focused on designing, manufacturing, and distributing products for the automotive aftermarket industry. Encompassing segments such as diesel, power-sports, and specialty automotive, PGI strives to BE AHEAD with the latest coverage for all makes and models.

Over the last two decades, Premium Guard Inc. – formerly known as International Distributors USA Inc. (IDUSA) – has been involved in the manufacturing evolution of the automotive aftermarket in North America and Southeast Asia. By establishing lasting global partnerships and alliances with leading manufacturers, PGI has been able to maintain competitive prices while keeping high quality products.

Through systematic auditing and testing of supply chain procedures, Premium Guard Inc. ensures every product meets or exceed OEM standards on all levels of performance and functionality. By utilizing quality components and raw materials along with best manufacturing practices and on-the-road performance assessments, PGI guarantees quality is built into all of their products.

With over 1,700 filtration parts for almost all automotive applications as well as an expertise in product development and design, Premium Guard Inc. continues to be an industry leader in the automotive aftermarket.

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